Is a Marine Survey Worth it?

About Marine Surveys

A marine survey may help uncover any underlying issues with your boat and determine what upgrades are needed to get the vessel into a safe operating condition. 

If you’re considering buying new or used boats, boat surveys are a topic that is sure to come up. You don’t often need to have a survey done when buying a new boat, however, if a used boat is under consideration a survey is generally considered a must. 

This is because:

  • Many lenders won’t consider financing a used boat that hasn’t been surveyed.
  • Many insurance companies won’t consider insuring a used boat that hasn’t been surveyed.
  • Used boats are subject to many problems that are hidden from view and require a professional to spot.

A marine survey is determining what repairs or upgrades may be necessary to get a vessel into safe operating condition. Boat surveys help determine the value of a boat, since they can expose items in need of repair or replacement and to identify any potential issues with the boat, such as structural problems, water damage, or mechanical issues, and to provide a detailed report of the boat’s condition.